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Joe Verdi

Joseph M Verdi, Ph.D.

Center for Molecular Medicine
Maine Medical Center Research Institute
81 Research Dr
Scarborough ME, 04074
Phone: (207) 396-8190
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Joseph M. Verdi received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1991. He obtained postdoctoral training in Developmental Neuroscience at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Verdi joined the Center for Molecular Medicine at Maine Medical Center Research Institute in 2002 after five years as the Director of the Laboratory of Neural Stem Cell Biology Laboratory, John P. Robarts Research Institute, and Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Genetics, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Verdi has served as director, consultant and member of several medical and scientific committees.

Research Interests

I have had a long-standing passion for elucidating the mechanism that regulates normal development and applying that knowledge to understanding what goes astray in disease. My laboratory currently focuses on three questions of paramount importance within the stem cell field. They are: describing the molecular and signaling events underlying instructive factor lineage restriction using neural crest stem cells and central nervous system stem cells as model systems; the mechanism underlying neural stem cell plasticity, i.e. elucidating the molecular mechanism by which neural stem cells differentiate into non-neural lineages or the molecular mechanism by which hematopoietic stem cells become neural tissue, and the identification of genes, factors and signaling pathways involved in asymmetric (lineage restriction) versus symmetric (self renewal) stem cell division. Our laboratory has made reasonable progress into answering each of these questions by successfully describing the factors, receptors, signaling pathways and mechanisms that direct normal stem cell development.

Selected Publications

Meakin, S.O., MacDonald, J.I.S. Gryz, E.A., Kubu, C.J., and Verdi, J.M. The signaling adapter FRS-2 competes with shc for binding to the nerve growth factor receptor TrkA: A model for discriminating proliferation and differentiation J. Biol. Chem., 1999; 274: 9861-9870.

Verdi, J.M., Bashirullah, A., Goldhawk, D., Meakin, S.O., and Lipshitz, H.D. Distinct human NUMB isoforms regulate differentiation versus proliferation in the neuronal lineage. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 1999; 96: 10472-10476.

MacDonald, J.I.S., Verdi , J.M., and Meakin, S.O. Activity-dependent interaction of the intracellular domain of rat trkA with intermediate filament proteins, the beta-6 proteasomal subunit, Ras-GRF1 and the p162 subunit of eIF3. J. Mol. Neurosci., 1999; 13: 141-158.

Morrison, S.J, Perez, S.E., Qiao, Z., Verdi, J.M., Hicks, C., Weinmaster, G., and Anderson, D.J. (2000) Transient Notch activation initiates an irreversible switch from neurogenesis to gliogenesis by neural crest stem cells. Cell. 101: 499-510.

White, P.M., Morrison, S.J., Orimoto, K., Kubu, C.J., Verdi, J.M., and Anderson, D.J. (2001) Neural crest stem cells undergo cell-intrinsic developmental changes in sensitivity to instructive differentiation signals. Neuron 29: 1-20.

Bhattacharya, M., Anborgh, P.H., Babwah, A.V., Eccelstone, J. Dale, L.B., Dobransky, T., Barlic, J., Rylett, R.J., Feldman, R.D., Verdi, J.M and Ferguson, S (2002) beta-arrestin regulates RalGDS-Ral effector pathway mediating cytoskeletal reorganization and granule release. Nature Cell Biol. 8: 547-555.

Kubu, C.J., Orimoto, K., Morrison, S., Weinmaster, G., Anderson, D.J., and Verdi, J.M. (2002) The loss of neurogenic potential of neural stem cells during development is correlated with an increase in notch signaling and gliogenic potential. Dev. Biol. 244: 199-214.

Zhou, L., McDougall, K., Kubu, C., Verdi, J.M. and Meakin, S.O. Genomic Organization and Comparative Analysis of the Mouse and Human FRS2, FRS3 Genes. Molecular Biology Reports 2003; 30:15-25.

Kendall, S.E., Ryczko, M.C., Mehan, M. and Verdi, J.M. Characterization of NADE, NRIF and SC-1 Gene Expression During Mouse Neurogenesis. Dev. Brain Res., 2003;144(2):151-8

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