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Overview and Mission

The Maine Medical Center BioBank (MMC BB) was established more than 10 years ago with the mission to provide human biospecimens with annotated clinical data to the research community to aid in the characterization of disease with the goal of improved patient therapies and the advancement science and personalized medicine.

Excess surgical tissue and other biospecimens that would otherwise be discarded is deidentified, processed, stored and distributed to research scientists at MMC, MMCRI, other academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and commercial specimen repositories. The MMC BB operations take place primarily within the MMC Department of Pathology and carried out by a trained staff that includes a Pathologist, Pathology Assistants and Research Associates. The MMC BB also facilitates the collection and shipping of patient samples for the oncology group clinical trials including radiation therapy (RTOG), childrens (COG) and gynecology (GOG).


Oversight and Guidance

The MMC BB operates under an IRB approved protocol and is overseen by the MMCRI Office of Research Compliance. The MMC BB is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP; ) and its operations are guided by NCI Best Practices for Biorepositories ( and by ISBER, the International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories (


Biospecimen Inventory

More than 50,000 samples with annotated data collected primarily from cancer and inflammatory disease surgeries, are available to investigators in fresh, frozen or FFPE (formalin fixed-paraffin embedded) sample formats. Tissue microarrays, constructed by the MMCRI Histopathology Core are also available upon request. Sample inventory and tracking is managed by Progeny software.

Investigators may submit a request for samples by emailing the BioBank at

A sample request form can be found here.


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