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Copper-Dependent Non-Traditional Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Export And Methods


Igor Prodovosky, Thomas Maciag, et. al.

Summary of Invention: 

The inventors have discovered that non-traditional export of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines lacking a signal sequence from a cell can be inhibited by copper chelation.  Copper chelation inhibits neointima formation, macrophage infiltration and associated inflammation, cell proliferation, secretion of extracellular matrix, intimal thickening, adventitial angiogenesis, restenosis, and vascular vessel injury in general.  This invention describes a unique way of managing Interleukin-1 and FGF activity at the cellular level, which leads to the opportunity for a variety of therapeutic benefit.  In vivo data has been generated and is available under a confidentiality agreement.


This invention provides novel methods for preventing and treating various vessel injury diseases

Patent Status:

Patent application, 8/24/01

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