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AAHRPPWelcome.  This page is meant to be a place you can come to find quick information on various human research topics.  

HRPP Notes Archives

Event Definitions

Enforcement Action Reports

Non-compliance/Continuing Non-compliance

Protocol Deviation/Violation

Serious Adverse Event

Information Sheets

Administrative and Scientific Review

Adverse Events


Belmont Report

Exempt Determination


Informed Consent

Kinds of Risk-detailed

Levels and Kinds of Risk

Privacy and Confidentiality

Waivers of Consent and Waiver of Documentation of Consent

PowerPoint Presentations 

Tips for the Site Visit

Human Research Protection Accreditation

Human Research History and Regulations

Expedited and Exempt

Privacy and Confidentiality

Assent (coming soon)

Unanticipated Event Reporting (coming soon)

Informed Consent (coming soon)

Levels and Kinds of Risk (coming soon)

Waivers of Consent and Waiver of Documentation of Consent (coming soon)

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