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The RFA leadership group organizes seminars and events of interest to research fellows including fellowship presentations, alumni speakers, and grant writing groups.  We act as a liaison between fellows, faculty, and administration to address relevant issues.  The RFA also plans regular social events to promote a sense of community among our research fellows. 

RFA Leadership Team

Co-President (Post-doc): Dave Kuhrt 

Co-President (Graduate Student): Sarah McCarthy

Treasurer: Jessica Davis-Knowlton

Secretary: Deepthi Muthukrishnan

Communications and Public Relations Director: Eric Tweedie

Event Managers: Sarah Peterson, Terry Henderson, Chuck Lubelczyk

Fundraising Coordinator: Katie Bishop

Administration Liaison: Liz Bergst

Faculty Mentor: Lucy Liaw, PhD



2011 August Newsletter

2011 February Newsletter

2010 August-September Newsletter

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