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COBRE in Vascular Biology

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Vascular Biology

This program focuses on developmental and disease processes in the vascular system. The program was started in 2000 with an emphasis on angiogenesis. The scope of the program was expanded to vascular biology when renewed in 2005.

The major goal is to reveal the molecular mechanisms that regulate vascular development and remodeling after injury, mechanisms of inflammation, and angiogenesis. Individual projects are aimed at basic discoveries that have translational potential.

Dr. Lucy Liaw is studying the role of the Notch pathway in the development of gastrointestinal tumors which are hypothesized to be of smooth muscle cell origin.

Dr. Volkhard Lindner has discovered a novel protein that regulates fibrosis in the vasculature and several organ systems.

Dr. Ilka Pinz has established a system to examine the effects of various lipids on cardiac function.

Dr. Igor Prudovsky is elucidating the pathway for the secretion of the inflammatory mediator IL1.

Dr. Calvin Vary has revealed a novel TGF-beta signaling pathway in vascular development.

These projects are supported by outstanding core facilities funded in part through the COBRE program of the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR).

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