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Progenitor Cell Analysis Core


Pradeep Sathyanarayana, PhD
Core Co-Director
(207) 396-8315

Edward Jachimowicz, MS 
Core Co-Director

Yongxing Gao, BS 
(207) 396-8180


This core provides investigators with multi-parameter flow cytometric analysis capabilities, training and service. Highly trained research staff are at hand, as are dedicated workstations with FloJo and Winlist software systems. In parallel, this core also provides services in cell separation procedures including fluorescence activated cell sorting via an upgraded FACS ARIA II system, and magnetic activated cell sorting systems (including large-scale AutoMACS procedures). Training and/or services in a number of cell-based assays also are provided. These include multiwell fluorimetry and the luminometry, Evos microscopy, Vicell analysis, cytospin preparations and processing, and colony forming assay scanning and quantitative analyses. ES cell components of this core include hands-on training and technical support for ES cell culture, manipulation and research (including transfection, transduction and differentiation). Select collections of mouse ES cells and NIH-approved human ES cell lines are maintained (with appropriate quality assurances). This core also maintains and provides appropriate feeder cell preparations for ES and IPS cell culture, and corresponding reagents. Also available are genomic DNA, RNA and protein preparations. In addition our ES core component maintains and provides fluorescent microscopes as well as a dedicated ES cell tissue culture facility (including tissue culture hoods, clinical centrifuges, CO2 incubators and LN2 storage).















Services, Training and Resources Available:

The Core facility provides the following:


  • FACS Calibur flow cytometry system (BD)
  • FACS Aria
  • Stem Vision
  • autoMACS
  • Turner Fluorimeter- MOD Microplate Reader
  • Vi-cell (Beckman Coulter)
  • Cytospin system
  • Electroporation units

Flow cytometry training modules (plus protocols & user certification)

  • Basic concepts & instrument components
  • FALS, SS, gains & gates
  • Computer interfaces & basic analysis data (and storage)
  • Lasers, fluorescent labels and two color analyses
  • Three color analyses
  • Cell cycle analysis and software
  • Winlist 
  • Flow Jo

Technician assisted services

  • FACS Calibur (BD)
  • Fluorimeter- Modulers Microplate Reader (Turner Biosystem)
  • Vi-cell (Beckman Coulter)
  • Stem Vision
  • Cytospin System
  • autoMACS


Cell Separation:

  • Service contracted core instruments, and the instrument reagents such as sheath fluid and running buffers
  • Technician performed FACSAria cell sorting upon request
  • Individual use of the autoMACS
  • FACSAria overview and autoMACS training for interested individuals
  • Technical assistance in cell preparation for cell sorting


ES cell:

  • Plated, mitomycin C (or irradiation) inactivated feeder cells (mouse embryonic fibroblasts: MEF's)
  • Murine ES cells for in vitro and in vivo study
  • RNA and protein from undifferentiated murine or human ES cells, or from differentiated murine or human embryonic bodies (EB's)
  • Quality reagents for ES cell culture, including mediums containing FBS and LIF.
  • Freezing, thawing, and expansion of ES cell lines
  • Murine and human ES cell culture counseling


Progenitor Cell Analysis Core Service Requests:

Flow Cytometry, Stem Vision, Fluorimeter Request Form

Cell Separation Core Requets Form/Invoice (Internal)

Cell Separation Core Request Form/Invoice  (External)

The forms must be filled out completely with as much detailed information as possible.  The completed form must include the signature and account number of the Principal Investigator of the lab requesting services. 

Completed forms should be submitted to Edward Jachimowicz 

Maine Medical Center Research Institute 81 Research Dr Scarborough, ME 04074 (207)396-8100

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